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In the last 6 years, from leaving my home town at the age of 18, I have spent most of my time at university, travelling to the other side of the world and working mainly in hospitality. It is funny to think that I would have never of thought that I would be back here in my hometown of Halifax/Ripponden taking photographs of carpets.

Recently upon finding this marketing job here at Calder Valley carpet and flooring I have been opened to the fantastic world of carpet and flooring and the intriguing interior design that goes with it. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect career path for me to embark on right now.

A little bit about myself first.

Whilst growing up I could never really decide on a solid career path; however, I have always had a hobby and passion for photography. Usually specialising in landscape/ architecture, I have been able to branch out to different areas. After school, I went on to university to complete a film and media degree, then took time out to travel the world.

I returned home from the trip of a life time with literally 19p in my bank account. I really did experience every moment I could, with no regrets. Once back, I worked in the hospitality industry for a few years but now time for a change. Growing up with my father working in the interiors sector, it certainly was a passion of mine, to be as creative with my home as he was with others. Who would have thought, my very first job as a young teenager was in a fabric and interior store, it’s funny how we can sometimes circle back round!

When the opportunity arose to join the team at Calder Valley Carpet and Flooring it seemed perfect. Timing could not be better as I have joined just in time for the introduction of their bespoke furniture and interiors range. I am in my element and what better way to start my role but to share my love for photography by visiting customers houses and capturing what Calder Valley Flooring does best.

On my first day I visited past customers to take photographs of their flooring. I was completely taken a back, these houses were amazing and knowing I was focusing on floor photography, I couldn’t help but notice the fantastic skill that was in front of me.

I visited five customers that day and loved every one of them. The first house had a gorgeous view looking over the beautiful countryside. Calder Valley Flooring had supplied and installed all flooring throughout their newly converted barn (except tiled areas).

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining through all the windows, perfect to capture the room transformation. You could really tell the flooring pulled the rooms together, creating an open welcoming space that perfectly worked with the décor.

The detail of the flooring was marvellous especially when Sarah started to explain how the product was installed. Piece by piece, the finish was second to none. Even the feature strips were individual, 3mm!! All adhered to a freshly screeded area (by Calder Valley Flooring of course) using a specialist adhesive. The flooring in question was Amtico Signature, a floor that can be designed to the customers specification. There were 3 different designs here, large parquet with tramline border, basket weave border and plank weave with border and the steps were finished with an amazing antique bronze nosing. This was the first time I was introduced to Amtico flooring and I had fallen in love. Subtle features such as the pattern change created by Amtico can give rooms, like a kitchen, an extra boost with the design.

Going into the living room, I was amazed to hear that the carpet they had installed had a join, this was due to the size of the room. The design had so much detail, Brinton’s Timorous Beasties. This certainly was a beast. No matter how close I looked I couldn’t see the join, and I looked! I was now starting to understand the quality this company had to offer.

Moving up stairs and along the long landing into the bedrooms, the super soft carpet with an elegant light feel was installed throughout. Over a few levels, the carpet did not just flow along the straight line of the area but also down steps and round corners. This was Westex Silken Divine. One of Westex’s finest, the carpet and flooring gave pure luxury to every room and a distinctive feel to each individual space. It felt like you were walking on clouds, and the look was just amazing. Even though each room was decorated in a different colour, the carpet blended well, a seamless smooth finish throughout.

Seeing this house was my first experience and insight to the company. The time, precision, and care they put into their work, which was really inspiring to me. I later went on to visit four more customers, all of which had amazing flooring, this then started to show the range that Calder Valley Flooring had to offer. I cannot wait to write about these in my next blog.

After the day was over, I took a moment to think about everything I had just seen. It was a crazy day that’s for sure, being able to see all the different styles that had been created through flooring and then how the customers combined their ideas and inspirations with their interior. It was beautiful.

I was able to see an insight into the work they do at Calder Valley Flooring. Their hard work and passion as a family-run business are inspiring, and I’m excited to be involved with it, and with the furniture coming soon I can’t wait to see what is going to be created next!

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