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Calder Valley Flooring: Meet Lee, the Man Behind the Floors

Discover the Artisan Behind Your carpets

Welcome to the story of Lee, the mastermind behind Calder Valley Flooring. With over two decades of finesse under his belt, Lee’s journey began in his brother’s shop, learning from a myriad of skilled floor layers. His dedication and passion for crafting the perfect floor led him to launch his own venture in 2013 alongside his wife, Sarah. Calder Valley Flooring isn’t just a business; it’s a canvas where Lee’s expertise in bespoke flooring comes to life, offering services from meticulous sanding to reviving the luster of tired floors. He’s not just a retailer; he’s an artisan-endorsed fitterby Amtico, a testament to his exceptional skill.

Beyond the shop, Lee’s entrepreneurial spirit flourished with the inception of Spatalata Design, a venture that dives into the intricate world of microcement. His craftsmanship echoes in every layer of this unique material, shaping spaces with style and durability.

But Lee’s melody of life isn’t confined to textures underfoot. A music aficionado, Lee’s rhythm aligns with the beat of a drum, the strum of a guitar, and the melody of a piano. His musical journey once harmonised with the Kaiser Chiefs, a nostalgic nod to his Leeds roots.

His life’s symphony extends to a farmstead symphony with Sarah and their son, Harry. Among the pastoral ensemble of 14 pigs, a curious goat, a loyal dog, and 7 feline friends, Lee dreams of adding the majestic highland cow to his barnyard family.

And when it comes to the culinary arts, Lee relishes a challenge! Crowned champion in a ‘man vs food’ local showdown, he savors this victory as a delectable slice of fame.

Join us at Calder Valley Flooring, where every floor has a story, every note has a memory, and every day is a step towards a new masterpiece.

Explore. Listen. Live. With Lee and Calder Valley Flooring.

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