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Mylands Paint at Engine Social

Earlier this year, the new restaurant Engine Social was on its way renovating former pub The Engineers. Calder Valley Flooring and Interiors were approached to supply suitable yet stylish flooring for their commercial use
which then led to the supply of the amazing Mylands Paint.
All the work carried out at Engine Social was done with the restaurants needs in mind, and Mylands paint suited this commercial setting perfectly.


Mylands is Britain’s oldest family-owned paint and polishes manufacturer and was Established in 1884. It been used by interior design professionals for over 130 years. They have a unique range of paint and wood finishes that really bring something special to your project. Mylands have been the first choice for the most exacting residences and even the most visually stunning film and theatre sets such as James Bond and Harry Potter. With their rich vibrant colours, deep pigments and long-lasting finishes this is a perfect choice for commercial and residential use.

Why Choose Mylands Paint?

When choosing a good quality paint, it is best to know about the product you are buying and whether it will be suitable for the project you are completing. For Engine they needed a paint that would withstand the stress and strains a restaurant must put up with but also have that desired stylish look. Through the many years in the industry Mylands have achieved the perfect art of making paint with unique recipes, superior ingredients and an unwavering dedication to quality. The colourists always take great pride when creating the timeless colours that are rich in depth and thick paint formulations that are as equally easy to use. When time was of the essence when opening the restaurant, the fantastic coverage and easy paint application of the Mylands paints helped massively, which helped produce outstanding coverage and opacity in half the time.

Marble Matte Emulsion

A selection of classic shades is available from Mylands that can be applied in a range of finishes, including water-based eggshell and gloss, and the exclusive Marble Matt emulsion. Having used and seen it in action first hand, Calder Valley Flooring and Engine can vouch that these paints are exceptionally hardwearing, perfect for not only walls but also window and door frames. The marble matte emulsion paintshave marble within the paints which gives it a dead matte finish but also a washable and scrubbable finish. The matte emulsion paints offer great coverage and depth of colour and are ideal for use on interior walls. They’re especially good at camouflaging small wall bumps, cracks, or other imperfections, as this finish does not reflect light. This was ideal for the renovation of the restaurant as it left it with a rich, smooth and matte finish. While the matte paints are incredibly hard wearing, the washable marble matte paints are particularly suitable for high traffic areas and prone to stain areas. Restaurants can endure spillages and ware over the years, so it is perfect when the walls can be washed and scrubbed, and still be left with a beautiful finish that lasts.

Added Bonus

The LVT floor chosen for Engine was a beautiful and environmentally friendly product, so it only seemed right to continue this throughout the rest of the décor. Mylands paints are water based with a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content, making them virtually solvent free. The makes them kind to you, your family and the environment. Formulations are easy to apply and almost odourless, with quick drying times and easy clean-up of brushes in water. Mylands are one of the last remaining manufacturers to still use natural earth pigments in paint. Being environmentally friendly is on everybody’s minds these days so by choosing Mylands you are not only using a paint that is luxuriously deep and rich in colour but is also eco-friendly!

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