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Open Dining Room – Engineered Wood Flooring at Calder Valley

Open Dining Room – Engineered Wood Flooring at Calder Valley

Calder Valley Flooring supplied and installed carpet and engineered wood throughout 3 rooms within this gorgeous modern home. The open dining room was fitted with a stunning wide oak plank, which has a UV oiled and hand scraped distressed finish to it. The subtle design touches and intricate grain forms are perfect for anyone that wishes to achieve an antique floor but with a more contemporary feel brought in to the area desired.


LS101 Oak Barley Field [Hand Scraped Distressed UV Oiled] is from V4’s Landscape collection. Milled from European Oak, the Landscape Range features a generous 4mm wear layer with extra wide boards. The engineered oak floors are 240mm wide and come 2.2m long single piece of oak, with a few random lengths to allow for a staggered finish. Featuring a subtle palette of browns and creams that attractively emphasise the unique design of the hand-crafted planks, you are sure to create a beautiful real oak floor that will enhance any interior design theme throughout the home.


Having a good quality underlay that is suitable for the floor type is key when laying a new floor. For engineered wood there are two methods of installation, stick down and floating. When using the floating method an underlay is used which has benefits such as it provides protection, insulation and reduction in noise. The underlay chosen for this installation was Woods Good EcoGold Underlay. The amazing product is designed to support and cushion wood flooring and is also doing its part in the environmental recycling cause, as this product is made from recycled car tyres! The insulating gold foil vapour barrier protects against the possibility of any rising moisture ensuring the floor is kept in its best condition. This underlay offers exceptions properties, we feel it is one of the best on the market.


Following on to the installation of the engineered wood flooring, we had also had manufactured a bespoke oak trim as the depth of the existing floor differed from the standard sizes. The trim ensured the flooring looked its best and complimented the dining room. This was an extra task involved in the process of the installation of the exceptional flooring. CVF hand stained the bespoke trims to create a beautiful finish where the flooring and trim harmonised in colour giving an effortless flow to the room. Calder Valley Flooring were happy to make sure they went the extra mile to enable the professional finish that is always strived for.

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