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Converted Barn – Bedroom/Landing

Converted Barn – Bedroom/Landing

This amazing converted barn has been transformed into a striking luxury home. With the help of Calder Valley Flooring the home has had a number of rooms that have been brought to life with an open, bright and luxurious feel. With the sunroom, kitchen and dining room done in a spectacular Amtico design the work of CVF followed up stairs to a 5 bedroom and landing area with a Westex Divine carpet throughout.

Master Bedroom

With the master bedroom having under floor heating the underlay had to be a different quality to the rest of the 4 bedrooms and landing area. The preferred underlay choice was the Duralay King as this product has a low tog rating. The tog rating is the effectiveness of the underlays thermal insulation so with a lower tog rating this means more heat is able to transfer through a lot more easily up into the flooring, rather than some of the higher tog rated underlays that would essentially trap the heat deeming the under floor heating less effective. The Westex Divine carpet in the colour smoulder was then fitted, giving a velvety deluxe sensation to the bedroom.

Bedrooms & Hallway

For the additional 4 bedrooms and the landing area leading up to them the underlay selected was Cloud 9 Cumulus. This underlay is usually the preferred for typical carpet underlay, as it is the thickest available which gives super soft base to walk on and a luxury rating as it is perfect for areas where a high degree of comfort is wanted such as your bedrooms. The Westex Divine carpet was then added in the 4 bedrooms and hallway.

Carpet Details

The Westex Divine carpet was then added in the 4 bedrooms and hallway. This carpet has a truly deluxe feel with gorgeous velvet sheen; with it being made from a development of 100% Polyamide 6.6 Antron 2 Fold Yarn this achieves a really outstanding sheen and softness that has a resistant to pilling. With the use of premium fibres you have the strength and durability of a long wearing carpet paired with a delicate and luxurious touch, which is then also combined with the Westex stain resist this carpet collection is really a fantastic choice for a home.

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