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Amtico Deco & Sisal Carpet Stairs

Amtico Deco & Sisal Carpet Stairs

Amtico Deco & Sisal Carpet Stairs

With a customer wanting a unique and interesting entrance and hallway to have a serious wow factor to their home, Calder Valley Flooring were set with an amazing and intricate challenge to design and fit an Amtico Décor flooring with a custom boarder. The understated, yet intricate styled and carefully detailed, Décor offers an opportunity to introduce a tasteful and stylish way that suits the everyday demands of modern living to your home. Following through the house with a striking Alternative carpeted stairway and a beautiful soft touch Lano Pearl carpet for a children’s bedroom.

Entrance & Hallway

To begin with the hallway needed levelling out as the flooring design is so detailed and with the nature of this design layout each small piece of Amtico Deco had to be fitted piece by piece. This in turn means to get such an intricate pattern design that looked beautiful, the floor needs to have the perfect-levelled surface area. Therefore 9mm sp101 plywood was fitted and screwed down firstly as an even base, and then following on when the plywood was secured the whole area was finally smoothed out using a feather screed technique. Screeding an area is the ideal and customary way to make sure the surface area is levelled and flat by using thin layers of concrete smoothed out creating an even base to work on.


After the area is suitable to start laying down the Amtico Décor down Calder Valley Flooring proceeded to carefully lay each piece down. Amtico Décor is a new and exclusive premium flooring collection that CVF are proud to sell and fit. This particular design combines an elegant and timeless Victorian style paired with the durable and long-lasting benefits you expect from the premium signature range of luxury vinyl tiles. With a classic colour collection the homeowner decided to go for the colour oyster to bring an elegant and memorable finish that works well in both a modern and traditional home allowing a timeless scheme.


Moving forward to the stairs and landing area it had come to the attention of CVF that the floorboards were poor and not suitable to lay a new carpet down. Therefore CVF made sure the area was suitable by plying the landing area with 9mm plywood, to ensure the carpet would have a long and lasting life. This is a service that will always be provided to make sure the customer is left with the highest possible quality flooring

Stairs & Landing

The stairs and landing were then fitted with the Cloud 9 Super Contract underlay which is a luxury carpet underlay that not only feel fantastic under the foot but is an ultra hardwearing underlay that will last for years. Using a double stick method the underlay is adhered to the subfloor using a release type adhesive and the carpet is then fully adhered to the underlay using a permanent type adhesive which has a number of benefits one being that it helps reduce the risk of rucking in high traffic areas such as a stairway. The Alternative flooring sisal Brockton carpet is also ideal for a heavy traffic area due to is long lasting and strong yarn qualities whilst giving an attractive and striking look to the home.


For the child’s bedroom it was noted that the room also required the floorboards to be amended as they were in a poor quality for the new carpet to be fitted on to. The same procedure was followed for this area as it was for the stairs and landing, plying the floor with 9mm plywood to create a new and suitable base. Using the Cloud 9 cumulus underlay for that luxury and comfortable base, the carpet was then fitted with a Lano Pearl collection carpet in colour Ocean. This collection is a Polymide carpet, which is known for its outstanding durability. The main and most important benefit of having this carpet is that the element of the carpet fibres can stand up to a lot of wear and tear which makes it ideal for a child’s bedroom. Which therefore results with the pile of the polyamide carpeting looking renewed and attractive for years to come.

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